Watch This Video to Discover How to Attract Funders By Being ORIGINAL

Discover How to Attract Funders to You:

In this 4-part series, you will learn four ways to make your ideas for funding more attractive to funders by making your ideas ORIGINAL, TIMELY, PROBLEM-SOLVING & COMPELLING!


Module 1: original

Grant-making agencies like Foundations, Corporations, Federal/State Governments and even Individual Donors are attracted to projects and programs that are "ORIGINAL".

In this module (secret 6), you will learn 2 ways to make your proposal more attractive to funders by using the power of ORIGINALITY.


Module 2: timely

"TIMELY" ideas attract foundations, corporations, government agencies, even individual donors. Times change. Perceptions change. Your timely ideas, if strategically place, can be the perfectly timed solutions funders are looking for.

In this module (secret 7), you will learn 3 questions to ask in order to make your ideas for funding more TIMELY.


Module 3: problem-solving

In this module (secret 8), you will learn the 3 basic PROBLEM-SOLVING components that any grant proposal must have. 

You will also receive 3 questions to ask yourself to make sure that your requests for funding solve a problem that a funder also wants to solve.


Module 4: compelling

The most COMPELLING ideas that funders are attracted to are the ones that influence reviewers and leave a lasting impression.

In this module (secret 9), you will learn 3 aspects of COMPELLING ideas to move funders emotionally and necessitate action (getting you more funding).

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