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Grant Pro 101 Online Class

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Master 9 Grant Professional core Skills in this 30-Hour Class from The Privacy Of Your Own Home! Includes Lifetime Peer Reviewer Access, Two Secret Resources, Recordings, Internship Opportunities & More!

Sept 13-17 & 20-24

9-12 am Pacific Time

Master the #1 Format in the world

Discover how to craft effective summaries, agency introductions, need & problem statements, outcomes & objectives, action plans, result dissemination plans, timelines, evaluations, future funding & sustainability statements, and budgets... with lots of examples & fun!


Phil Johncock, MA, MMs, GPC

Founder & Lead Faculty

Creator of the 1st online class in grant writing in 1997 and the 1st college grant certification program in 2001. Author of WIN MORE GRANTS and 35 books. 95% success rate. Students increase their grant proposal scores by an average of 50 points (from an average of 47 to 97 on a 100-point scale) using our unique and time-tested "peer reviewer" process.

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