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Grant Pro 101 Online Class

In 2 Weeks Not 2 Semesters!

Increase confidence & grant professional skills! Most graduates write at least one successful Grant proposal shortly Upon Graduation. 100% Guaranteed! Includes Lifetime Peer Reviewer Access & Paid Internships!

Sept 13-17 & 20-24

9-12 am Pacific Time

Master the #1 Format Funders Like

Discover how to craft effective summaries, agency intros, need & problem statements, outcomes & objectives, action plans, result dissemination plans, timelines, evaluations, future funding & sustainability statements, and budgets... with lots of examples & fun!



When Is the Next Grant Pro 101 Online Class (30-hours)?

The next 30-hour Grant Pro 101 online class will be held on September 13-17 and September 20-24 at 9am-12pm Pacific (12-3pm Eastern).

Who Is Eligible to Enroll in a Grant Pro 101 Online Class?

You are eligible to enroll in an entry-level Grant Pro 101 online class IF you are an executive director, administrator, staff person, board member or volunteer (or retiree interested in volunteering) with one of these grant eligible agencies:

**U.S. Nonprofits: 1,036,255 public charities (source: National Center for Charitable Statistics)

**U.S. Schools: 98,817 public schools, 33,366 private schools, 7,021 colleges/universities (source: U.S. Department of Education)

**U.S. Local Government Agencies: 89,004 (source: U.S. Census)

**U.S. Hospitals: 5,686 (source: American Hospital Association)

Do I Have to Have Written a Grant Proposal Before?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a grant proposal before or even if you've written a few. Most expert grant writers tell us that they wish they had training like this when they were thrown into grant writing with no training. You'll find tremendous value in what you learn or we’ll refund your money!

"It's worth the money. What I liked most was making grant writing seem accessible and not mysterious. I like the way the information is broken down in small bits, so each idea has some time to be absorbed and processed."
       -Karla Nolan, Las Vegas, NV

Will I Be Able to Write a Successful Grant Proposal After Completing This Class?

Most graduates write at least one successful grant proposal shortly after completing the course. Many even submit the mock proposal they craft in class.

The E.L. Cord Foundation gave us $25,000 from my mock proposal created in your class. This past Spring, I took your online class. It has been absolutely invaluable to me. So far, I have heard from 2 grantors that I recently submitted proposals to. Both were funded! Thank You!!!!” 

     -Vinny Ribas, Disability Resources, Sparks, NV

How Much Do Grant Professionals Make?

According to the 2020 salary survey of members of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), the typical grant professional earns $71,474.37 per year full-time. 

If you would like a high-paying job without a degree, try the grant profession! 

In just two weeks (30 hours total), not two semesters or two years, you will leave the Grant Pro 101 online class with increased confidence and nine core skills!

What Is the Schedule of Topics to Be Taught?

Below is a weekly and daily schedule of topics to be taught: four steps of the Win More Grants system (steps 1-4) and nine core competencies from the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI #) in this entry-level training:


**Monday, September 13 - Develop Your Idea (Step 1) & Interpreting RFPs (GPCI #4)
**Tuesday, September 14 - Step 1 Continued & #1 Format in the World (GPCI #4)
**Wednesday, September 15 - Step 1 & Format Continued & Mock Reviews (GPCI #4)
**Thursday, September 16 - Effective Program & Project Design (GPCI #3)
**Friday, September 17 - Customize Your Idea (Step 3) & Writing a Convincing Case (GPCI #9)


**Monday, September 20 - Peer Rating, Review & Editing (GPCI #4 & GPCI #9)
**Tuesday, September 21 - Research Funders (Step 2) (GPCI #1)
**Wednesday, September 22 - Respond to Funder Decision (Step 4), Relationship-Building (GPCI #8) & Ethics (GPCI #6)
**Thursday, September 23 - Post-Award Grant Management Best Practices (GPCI #5)
**Friday, September 24 - Raising the Level of Professionalism (GPCI #7)

What Training Is Available After I Complete This Class?

Once you graduate, you will be eligible for a paid internship, supervised by a GPC-certified faculty!

Are the Textbooks Included in the Cost of the Grant Pro 101 Class? What Are the Textbooks?  

Absolutely! Unlike competitive classes where you pay separately for your textbooks, your two textbooks are included with your fee:

**Program Planning & Proposal Writing by Norton Kiritz

**Dream-Making to Billions: Grant Writing Tips from the Experts by Phil Johncock

On your behalf, we have purchased the last remaining copies of these hard-to-get but highly-sought-after books. You can only access them as a student enrolled in the Grant Pro 101 class!

A packet with your textbooks will be mailed to the address on your online registration form within 2-3 working days of your enrollment!

What Is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - All Grants Academy online classes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you cannot find anywhere else! We will refund your class tuition if you are dissatisfied.

Pass Guarantee - The GPC Exam Prep (advanced) online class includes our popular PASS GUARANTEE. If you do not pass the GPC exam on the first try, a faculty member will personally tutor you and you can re-enroll in the next online class for free!


Phil Johncock, MA, MMs, GPC

Founder & Lead Faculty

Creator of the 1st online class in grant writing in 1997 and the 1st college grant certification program in 2001. Author of WIN MORE GRANTS and 35 books. 95% grant success rate. Students increase their grant proposal scores by an average of 50 points (from an average of 47 to 97 on a 100-point scale) using our unique and time-tested "peer reviewer" process.

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